Free Fire India Event Calendar

Free Fire India Event Calendar

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Free Fire India Thala Event Calendar

Free Fire India Thala Event Calendar

Start Date: October 2023 (Officially not Confirm)

What’s Special: MS Dhoni Thala Character

Big News: Free Fire India Launch in October 2023 (Just a Rumor!)

What’s Happening: Get excited for the Free Fire India Thala Event Calendar starting on October 2023 (Officially not Confirm)! This event is buzzing with rumors about exciting stuff, like the legendary cricketer MS Dhoni joining the game with a special character called Thala.

Amazing Features: The game is expected to come packed with fantastic and exclusive features. Imagine teaming up with cricket superstar MS. Dhoni and playing alongside Thala characters!

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Free Fire India x MS Dhoni Collaboration Event

Free Fire India Upcoming Event Ms Dhoni Helicopter Shot Emote

Date: Coming Soon

Description: Get ready for an epic collaboration between Free Fire India and the legendary cricketer, MS Dhoni! In this exciting event, you can expect some thrilling additions to the game.

New Character: Ms Dhoni (Thala)

Ability Name: Wall of Flame (Active)

Ability: Form an 8m wide wall of flame that lasts for at least 15 seconds, 10m in front of the user. Enemies who pass through the flame wall will receive at least 40 combustion damage.

MS Dhoni Emote: Helicopter Shot Emote

Rewards: In this collaboration, you will have the opportunity to earn a variety of exciting rewards. What makes it special is that some of these rewards will be absolutely free, while others may require a purchase.

Free Rewards: You can obtain grenades, backpacks, surfboards, and various small items completely free of charge.

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Updates: Free Fire India Name Changed To Free Fire Bharat (Rumours)

Event Image

Date: October, 2023 (Officially not Confirm)

Time: Not Available

Description: Recent developments have shown “Bharat” being used alongside “India” in official documents. While it’s speculated that Free Fire India might change its name to Free Fire Bharat, there’s no confirmation yet. Keep an eye out for more information!

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Free Fire India Pre-registration

Event Image

Date: Ongoing

Time: Ongoing

Description: Free Fire India is now open for pre-registration on Android. You can download it before the official release

Rewards: Exclusive skins, in-game currency

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Free Fire India Release Date

Event Image

Date: October, 2023 (Officially Not Confirm)

Time: To be update shortly

Description: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the release date has been delayed. We will provide updates on the new release date as soon as possible.

Original Date: 5, September 2023

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MS Dhoni’s Free Fire Debut

Event Image

Date: Coming Soon

Description: MS Dhoni is joining Garena’s Free Fire India with a unique character. Stay tuned for more details about this exciting addition to the game.

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What is the Free Fire India Event Calendar?

The Free Fire India Event Calendar is like a calendar for fun events and updates in the game called Free Fire in India. It helps you know what cool updates and events are coming up!

Why is the Thala Event Calendar special?

 It’s special because it might bring a famous cricket player, MS Dhoni, into the game as a character called Thala. That’s super exciting!

What’s the Free Fire India and MS Dhoni Collaboration?

The Free Fire India and MS Dhoni Collaboration is like a big party where Free Fire, a fun game, joins hands with MS Dhoni, the famous cricket superstar. They’re making the game even more awesome by bringing in MS Dhoni as a special character with cool powers and giving away fantastic rewards. It’s going to be a blast!

When’s the new Free Fire India coming out?

Free Fire India was supposed to come out on September 5, 2023, but it got delayed. We’re waiting for the new date – we’ll let you know!